Why Govt Jobs? Why government jobs are the best?

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Why Govt Jobs?

Welcome aboard Dear aspirant!

In this article, we have picked an obvious question yet an important one. WHY GOVT. JOBS? Are they really that exciting? Who should prepare for government jobs? What are the myths associated with the government jobs? Lastly, the words of wisdom. Let’s take them up one by one!

Why government Jobs? Benefits associated with Government Jobs 

  • Stability: Most talked benefit, once a government employee always a government employee unless you do some serious nuisance!
  • Job security: Synonymous with stability.
  • Allowances: House Rent Allowance, Children education allowance, Transport Allowance, Newspaper Allowance, Honorarium, Bonuses and other allowances depending upon your department and designation.
  • Fixed working hours: Well, this one gives government jobs a real edge.
  • Significant number of Off-days: Apart from Weekends and Gazetted Holidays, you get Earned Leaves, Casual Leaves, Restricted Holidays, Commuted Leaves, Half Pay Leaves, Compensatory-Off, Child Care Leave, Maternity Leave, Paternity Leave and more!!
  • LTC: All India Leave Travel Concession with an option to encash your Earned Leaves (10 at a time).
  • Holiday Homes: Awesome holiday homes at awesome locations like Shimla, Mussoorie, Darjeeling, Goa, Gangtok, Udaipur, Jaipur to name a few and that too at minimal cost.
  • Retirement benefits: Medical Care, Pension, Gratuity, etc.

Are government jobs really that exciting?

One word answer is “YES”.

To elaborate let’s dig down to understand the instances when government jobs won’t appear that exciting:

  1. You are highly likely to catch boredom if you don’t take initiatives.
  2. You might feel powerless at times if you are working at non-gazetted posts (but you can always outshine by sincerely preparing for internal departmental examinations and get ahead of your batchmates in seniority).

Every rose has its thorns but that does not lessen the beauty that the rose beholds. The perks, allowances and job security are enough reasons to make government jobs an attractive option for government job aspirants. Moreover, you become a direct part of nation building. For eg. if you are posted in Central or state secretariat you will be responsible for making policies which will touch upon the lives of many, when you are posted in Indian Postal Sector you will become the basis of functioning of the government departments/ministries because if there are No Dak there will be No work 😉

So “YES”, Government Jobs are worth it!!

Who should prepare for government jobs?

Only those students should prepare for government jobs who are driven largely to serve the country in all possible ways without any vested interests. It is quite disheartening that even in this digital age, people choose government jobs on the basis of possible avenues for under-the-table money. Such people are not only setting wrong precedence for the future aspirants but they are causing significant damage to this country.

Therefore, only serious job seekers with serious interests should prepare for government jobs.

What are the myths associated with the government jobs?

Myth #1: No work in Government Jobs

Myth Buster: They are equally challenging and demanding jobs as their counterpart private jobs, though it also depends on your work ethics.

Myth #2: No work pressure

Myth Buster: Pressure is generally less but this is not always the case; it may happen that your friend posted in the same department is sitting idle and you are dealing with multiple files and sometimes the case may get reversed. Therefore, your place of posting and most importantly your seat decides the work pressure.

Myth #3: You cannot be removed from Government Jobs

Myth Buster: Only if you do not do something really grave, don’t fall prey to the indirect routes they are always deeper than you can imagine and it will do some serious collateral damage!

Myth #4: No targets

Myth Buster: Wait till you get posting in budget or revenue division of some department but that also comes with adventurous experiences.

Myth #5: Handsome salary

            Myth Buster: Initially you will get really much than your actual market value but with time you will realize that your salary is increasing at Tortoise’s pace, but atleast your future would be secured with NPS and other benefits including medical benefits for your dependants.

Myth #6: Fix 9 to 5 job

Myth Buster: Refer Myth #4 above. Further, if you take a look at senior officials daily work hours it will be around 10-11 hours per day sometimes it goes beyond that.

It is thus advisable to not go for government jobs with above myths in your mind.

Words of wisdom

There is only one fundamental thing to keep in mind while going for any job, be it a government job or a private job, OWN IT”.

Own your decision, own your efforts and most importantly own your JOB!!

Good luck all the dear aspirants out there!! Your efforts will never go waste.

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