The Troll Over Missing A Catch In Asia Cup 2022

Who is Arshdeep Singh?

How much such instances affects ones Mindset?

How can one save oneself from Negativity?

Why is he being trolled?

23 years old Indian Cricket Player

Made T20 Debut on 07.07.2022

Started Cricket Practice at the Age of 13

He faced the Wrath of many and was incessantly trolled over missing a catch at a critical point of the Super Four game between India & Pakistan

Many have at some point in time faced similar situations in their lives  


 We Feel Hurt



And Sink in the Ocean of Negative Emotions

Protect Yourself from Negativity, See the steps in forth coming slides

Stay Positive

Just Remember - You are not responsible for anyone else's actions 

Ignore the Preparator

Just Ignore the People radiating Negative Energy

Laugh It Out

Choose Optimism

Watch Your Time

Seek Positive People

Respond Mindfully

Look for Solution

Set Clear Boundries

Be Your Guiding Light

Don’t listen to the people who say you can’t do something. They are actually scared that you will be better than them