The Struggles faced by aspirants of Government Jobs

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Government job is a dream for many young aspirants but only a few of them are able to achieve their dreams. While burning the midnight oil, candidates face many struggles to crack the competitive exams. Often exams get leaked, results get delayed, long intervals between different stages of exam so motivation for Sarkari Naukri is very much needed. During the tough times, aspirants tend to ask themselves “why I started, what would be the end result, will I fail again, will I be able to achieve my goal”. The challenges are many like limited vacancies, increasing number of co-aspirants and increasing competition. Apart from these, a candidate also faces a lot of struggles in different faces which have been detailed below.

Lacking Proper Guidance

Generally, aspirants keep on following various strategies, follow multiple toppers and methods to clear the exam and end up being frustrated. If you are aiming to join a particular sector, then make sure to get all the related information from a reliable source, try to take guidance from seniors who have already cracked it, understand the whole process, mug up the syllabus, select right study material and attempt mock tests as much as you can.

Time Management 

The most common problem faced by every aspirant. Every aspirant starts with utmost dedication but the output decreases with time because time management is not consistently taken care of. Completing all of syllabus appears as a humongous task for many aspirants preparing for government exams.  An improper schedule leads to gaps in studies and gaps leads to poor performance in exams.

Losing Focus

Many government job aspirants lose their focus after some failures and they feel like giving up as they believe it is now impossible to clear the exam. You need to understand that the failure is the stepping stone to success; failing once doesn’t necessarily mean that you aren’t capable of qualifying the exams. Stay focused, overcome the fear of failure, and keep learning from your past mistakes. Know your strengths and weakness and work on them sincerely. Who knows that you might end up getting Rank 1 in the examination.

Financial Responsibility of Home

Majority of aspirants lie in the age bracket of 21-28 years which is usually the age for earning. For many, it seems too hectic to work alongside their studies. This poses significant financial burden upon the family, especially middle-class families and lower-middle-class families. Such situations make the aspirants work extra hard to crack the exam. However, you must continue to work harder and follow your strategy religiously.

Compromising Health

Many a times it has come to the notice that the aspirants tend to sacrifice their sleep for preparation and they think it as the only way to crack exams. Sitting at one place for longer hours and taking no breaks leads to stressful mind. Lack of sleep makes it difficult to memorize the concepts for longer time. Therefore, you must not compromise with your sleep and eat healthy, avoid junk foods, take proper rest and make sure to sleep for atleast 7 hours a day.

Wobbling Confidence

Preparing for an exam is certainly not an easy task because a lot of time and energy is being invested. It is normal to feel low sometimes but sometimes repeated failures aggravate such feeling. Aspirants start to doubt their capabilities and strategy which leads to more failures and confidence hits a new low. It gives stress and halts concentration. In such situations, you need motivation on a daily basis which will keep you going.


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