How to Avoid Negativity- Top 10 Ways

How to avoid negativity- The “Asia Cup 2022” is the 15th edition of the Asia Cup cricket tournament being hosted by Dubai, a point worth remembering from General Knowledge point of view. But why are we talking about the Asia Cup 2022 here in this motivational section? Well, a great buzz is happening around our young Indian pacer Arshdeep Singh who is facing heavy trolling on social media after he dropped a catch at a critical point of the Super Four game between India & Pakistan. This is not the first time that a player has earned wrath of people, our Top Notch Batsman Virat Kohli had too faced heated trolls for dropping McCullum’s catch, eventually the right-handed former Kiwi skipper ended up scoring the historic triple-century against India. But did that impact what Virat Kohli is today? Obviously, Not!

          Such instances are very common in our life, especially those who sacrifice all the comforts to get their dream job. As kids we tend to listen to our parents because we care about what they say. Soon our “so called relatives”, friends, mentors and even people who we barely know dictate us on how to live our lives because we care. If you want to walk rightwards, they will tell you left should be your way. And then begins the line of doubts that maybe whatever you are doing is all the way wrong and self-doubt becomes your way of living. Our one liner solution to this mess is “Don’t listen to them!!”.

How to Avoid Negativity

We will tell you why such an attitude will work for you. The talk of the town, the Indian pacer Arshdeep Singh, is mere 23 years old who, with his hard work and determination, made his international debut for the Indian Cricket Team in July 2022. Some would say “Luck”, yeah why not?? The harder you work, the luckier you get. But what is more important here is his attitude towards such trolls. He took all the criticism on the chin and was upbeat, the incident has only boosted his confidence was what he said. Do you see the relevance of such an attitude now? Let’s dig a little more to understand.

          “Listening is an important skill” is what we have been taught since we were young but selective listening is equally important. Have you ever noticed how some people just enter a room and you can feel their energy? While others just cause us to feel anxious and upset. It is the latter type of persons that you actually don’t want to listen. Negativity can cost you dearly if faced repeatedly therefore you must know how you should protect yourself from others negative energy.

How to Avoid Negativity

Top 10 ways to protect yourself from negativity:

  1. Stay Positive

This is the hardest part but indeed an important one. Whenever facing negative people remind yourself that you are only responsible for yourself and not anyone else’s life. Also, always be grateful and hopeful that good things will come to you despite what others say to you.

  1. Ignore the perpetrator

Make a decision, tell yourself that whenever you will walk into a situation with the person radiating negative energy you will simply ignore him/her. Once you have made a decision, it will come naturally.

  1. Laugh it out

A very effective technique, whenever someone tries to besmirch you or criticize you simply laugh. It will not only relax you but will also give the perpetrator a silent treatment.

  1. Choosing right attitude

Choose our attitude consciously. Choose optimism

  1. Watch your time

Spending time with negative people is the fastest way to ruin your time and mood. So guard your time against such people, instead pick an outdoor game and channelize your negative thoughts there.

  1. Seek positive people

It is said that association with like-minded people helps your mind to grow more positively. Identify the positive people in your life. A quick meet with a jovial friend can help you to stay on track

  1. Respond mindfully

Whenever you feel angry after dealing or receiving criticism from a negative person then don’t respond by throwing insults back to them. The most prudent way to deal such situations would be to walk away from such non-sense with your head held high

  1. Look out for solutions, Not problems

Don’t let yourself prolong negative emotions, instead focus on actions that can improve the circumstances. For example, if you are being reprimanded by your boss for some mistake, note down the mistakes and try not to repeat them. As simple as that!

  1. Setting the boundaries

Don’t let people take advantage of you. You ought to set boundaries measured by your self-identity, self-esteem and most importantly your precious time.

  1. Be your guiding light

Strive hard to personify positivity, wear your confidence like an armor against a negative person’s comments. This way you will not only protect yourself from others negative energy but will also radiate positive energy for others to take inspiration from.

The bottom line is “Don’t listen to the people who say you can’t do something. They are actually scared that you will be better than them”. Looking forward to see this young Indian pacer Arshdeep Singh to show some more great performances in his upcoming games.

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